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Ray Major

Business Intelligence Executive, Computer Software

Hi, I'm Ray Major, Business Intelligence Thought Leader and Visionary

Ray Major's Bio:


Ray Major is a senior executive with 15+ years of experience providing oversight and direction for the profitable growth of companies and business units. His career has included senior leadership roles ranging from Vice President to CEO in startup to large companies with a focus on business intelligence products and services. He leverages a diversified background spanning product management, marketing, general management, and P&L management. Ray Major combines statistical expertise, operational acumen, and a strategic, entrepreneurial mindset to drive the innovation and competitive advantage of brands and offerings while focusing on producing high-impact top- and bottom-line results through ongoing improvements focused on technology, processes, development methods, and quality.    

Most recently as the CEO & President for startup company Halo Business Intelligence, Ray Major successfully turned around the business from failing to a 100%+ revenue increase over three years and positioned it for strategic investor exit. This included redefining overall strategic direction, leading end-to-end rebranding initiatives to differentiate the company, and spearheading a technology overhaul for the delivery of a holistic, state-of-the-art suite of analytics and modeling products. He rapidly expanded the organization and captured a growth rate that was four times over the industry average for two consecutive years. Ray Major concurrently took on the role of Chief Strategy Officer to develop and launch a new BI consulting practice for the company.

Prior to Halo Business Intelligence, Ray Major was instrumental in the profitable and ongoing growth of Claritas, a major provider of demographic, marketing, and segmentation data. Taking on diversified senior executive leadership roles in product strategy and development, marketing, and general management, Ray Major proved vital to positioning the company as a key player and driving its sustainable growth from $28M to $102M over nine years.

As Chief Marketing Officer, for instance, he managed product strategy, design, and overall vision for the company’s e-commerce products and services, during which time he set the stage for a $26M+ sales growth by shifting the focus on software and data product innovation targeting Claritas’ nine industry verticals. Following this success, Ray Major was appointed as the Senior Vice President and General Manager with P&L responsibility for a $10M high-end business intelligence, modeling, and consulting services division. Spearheading a number of product development and operational improvement initiatives, Ray Major increased profitability and reduced development costs while doubling top-line revenue per client and boosting customer retention to 95%+.

Upon Claritas’ merger with Nielsen in 2007, Ray Major transitioned into the role of Senior Vice President of Product Development to align engineering and software development processes with Nielsen’s global product development strategy. During this time, he stabilized product development after three quarters of significantly high turnover while delivering on all software and data platform release milestones as well as enabled significant savings by transitioning to an onshore/offshore model.

Ray Major holds an MA and BA in Economics from San Diego State University and is a Certified Six Sigma Champion. He started his career as an Economist and Senior Research Analyst with the San Diego Association of Governments. 

Ray Major's Experience:

  • Product Development, Senior Vice President, at The Nielsen Company

    Led transformation of Claritas' engineering and software development processes to align with Nielsen's global product development strategy. Responsible for executing corporate strategy to standardize development processes, implement an outsourced model and sunset legacy business intelligence platforms. o Rebuilt development team and stabilized product development after three-quarters of the development team, including all senior developers, left following integration of Claritas into Nielsen. Delivered all releases of business intelligence and predictive software and data platforms on schedule. o Lowered development costs 30% by reconfiguring development team to an onshore/offshore model. Reduced onshore staffing levels by 50%, while continuing to hit all product delivery milestones. o Developed method and executed aggressive plan to commercialize a scalable business intelligence software and data/ predictive analysis system which could be deployed on either the Internet or desktop. This consolidated four legacy systems and opened up new market opportunities. o Formalized and documented development process, implemented robust unit tests and QA process to align with Nielsen goals. Reduced quality escapes from business intelligence software to clients by 60%. Keywords: predictive analytics, business intelligence, BI, product management, product manager, quality assurance, QA, outsourcing, offshoring, marketing, strategy, project management, business management, web-based software, client server, oracle, oracle spatial, java, flex, internet software, strategic, executive management, operations

  • General Manager, SVP Business Intelligence at Integras, a Business Intelligence division of Claritas

    As General Manager, and executive, ran all operations of Integras, an entrepreneurial division of Claritas specializing in Business Intelligence (BI) and predictive anaytics. Managed P&L of $10M high-end analytic consulting service and developed an advanced enterprise-wide decision support system for marketing and location strategy. o Doubled per client top-line revenue for modeling clients and boosted customer retention to over 95% by making Claritas' data an integral part of the client decision-making process. o Reduced cost per engagement by 30%, shortened production cycle by implementing project management function, operational controls, leading to increased client satisfaction and corporate profitability from consulting services. o Developed a highly effective production and development organization and with it, major product strategy initiatives that revolutionized the company web-based delivery platform. Enabled agile development methods and rapid release cycles. o Designed and created a business analytic and optimization software platform, a combination of predictive analytics, primary market research, marketing and business data with customers' proprietary data that helped companies make better strategic, location and marketing decisions. o Led sales consultants, interfaced directly with clients during the sales cycle, managed sales goals, RFP process, contract preparation and execution. Keywords: Chief Operating Officer, site selection, customer acquisition, cross sell, analytics, economics, modeling, business, product management, quality assurance, QA, marketing, strategy, project management, business management, web-based software, strategic, coo, general manager, P&L, budget, econometrics, SVP, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Executive Vice President, predictive analytics, mathematical modeling, consumer and demographic data, geographic information systems, data mining, business intelligence (BI), and reporting systems, product manager

  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Senior Vice President, at Claritas

    Strengthened business intelligence software and predictive data analytics product innovation, growth, and execution. Capitalized on "industry focus" developed during previous role. o Led marketing, product strategy and product design for marketing information products and services. Helped company grow from $64M to over $90M in sales. Drove strategic vision, execution, marketing communications, market research and customer service. o Planned, directed and executed market analysis to strategically position and brand Claritas as the preeminent provider of demographic, marketing and segmentation data. o Spearheaded effort to develop strategic business plans for each vertical industry served by Claritas. Maximized per customer revenue by targeting specific customers and tailoring offerings to solve industry specific business problems. o Developed short term and long term plans to leverage existing brand assets, develop new lines of revenue producing products, and sunset existing products with minimum disturbance to the client base. o Conceived, specified and implemented an Intranet site for the dissemination of internal data, business inteligence data, corporate communications and data resources. Keywords: Chief Marketing Officer, CMO, SVP, Executive management, strategic planning, product marketing, brand management, software, category marketing, people management, leadership, consumer, B2B, B2C,, channel, retail, distribution, trade shows, PRIZM, Demographics, segmentation, product launch, Financial, Insurance, Media, Marketing, communications, retail, real estate,

  • Chief Customer Advocate (Officer) (CCA,CCO), Senior Vice President, at Claritas

    Tapped by CEO to turn an inward facing organization outward, transforming company into one that put clients' needs first. Charged with aligning company policy and strategy with client needs. o Dramatically increased per-customer revenue by identifying opportunities that improved renewal rate from 81% to 89%. Secured more than 30 new customers. Provided solutions to gain a larger share of existing customers marketing and site selection budgets. o Accountable for maintaining and enhancing the strength of customer base as an asset, embracing the marketplace while anticipating future trends and client needs. o Brought balance to decision making process by assessing impacts of proposed decisions against potential damage to customer relationships and diminished long term results. Keywords: client relationships, client retention, marketing programs, customer service, advocate, customer care, SVP, executive management, Chief Customer Advocate, Product manager, Product Management

  • Product Strategy and Product Management, Senior Vice President, at Claritas

    Reporting to the President/CEO, began service as an officer on the executive team. Promoted to develop new integrated product strategy after merger of NDS and Claritas. Responsible for unifying and rationalizing all corporate product management functions. o Following a merger, successfully integrated NDS and Claritas' diverse corporate product development, quality assurance, customer support, technical documentation, product fulfillment and design departments. o Reduced product set size and bolstered customer satisfaction with quality, schedule, and product performance. Keywords: product strategy, roadmap, road maps, pragmatic marketing, product management, product manager, quality assurance, QA, customer support, outsourcing, marketing, strategy, project management, product consolidation, Infomark, imark, primelocation, claritas demographics, business plans, stategic planning, SVP,VP, vice president, senior, Claritas, claritas segmentation

  • Product Development, Vice President at Equifax National Decision Systems

    Recruited by CEO to evaluate legacy systems, and to develop strategy to replace with new technology. o Managed product management, quality assurance, technical writing, client support and product marketing functions. o Worked with CEO, COO, CMO and other executive leadership to align product strategy with corporate objectives. Efforts resulted in developing product roadmaps and strategies, performing customer research, delivering market requirements, and managing product launches. Keywords: Claritas Product Managment, General Management

  • Research and Development, Assistant Vice President, at National Decision Systems/Business Geo-Metrics

    Reporting to the general manager and executive team, led product design and development of this start-up business intellignece division. Successfully brought to market a business intelligence software platform designed to support B-to-B target marketing which was eventually merged back into the parent company.

  • Economist, Sr. Research Analyst, Statistician, Economic Consultant at SAN DIEGO ASSOCIATION OF GOVERNMENTS

    Developed comprehensive economic prosperity plan for the San Diego region. Managed custom analytic and research projects for governmental and private industry. Responsible for analyzing economic impacts of governmental decisions. Keywords: economics, econometrics, government, SANDAG, SourcePoint, demographic forecasting, demographic estimates, business intelligence, predictive models, long range forecast, long range forecasting, SPSS, SAS, TSP,BMDP, I/O matrix, input output, statistics, statistical analysis, sandag, san diego association of governments,

  • President / CEO / COO / CMO / CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) Business Intelligence Thought Leadership at Halo Business Intelligence

    Re-branded and relaunched iQ4bis as Halo Business Intelligence (Halo BI), a state-of-the-art, web-based, SaaS or on premise business intelligence and predictive modeling software platform with integrated collaboration and data quality tools for the SMB market. Acting as thought leader, company visionary and chief strategist, developed completely new company vision and strategy. As chief operating officer, recruited and hired staff, growing the company in sales, marketing, product development, support and professional services organizations. As president and CEO, grew company revenue and exceeded industry average annual growth rate by 4x for the last two years. Responsible for running day-to-day operations including: tactical planning, resource allocation, establishing and implementing operational processes and process improvements, setting performance goals Halo Business Intelligence helps its customers be more profitable and successful by providing the tools and technology that help leverage the most valuable assets any organization has - its people. We are dedicated to the simple principle that data is dumb; it's people who provide the intelligence. No software package, no matter how fast it collects, processes or displays data, will ever deliver "business intelligence." We are about developing technology to enable real business intelligence - the human kind. As a result, the Halo Business Intelligence platform is simple, open and delivers the right business intelligence information to the right people wherever and whenever they might need it - computer, tablet or smartphone. More importantly, we also provide business intelligence tools people can use to understand the information, share and discuss what they're seeing, and make smarter, faster business decisions that benefit the organization from top to bottom.

Ray Major's Education:

  • San Diego State University

  • San Diego State University-California State University

    Concentration: Economics

Ray Major's Interests & Activities:

Business Intelligence • People Process Technology Data • Business Leadership – Product Management, Innovation & Positioning • Data-Driven Insights • P&L Management • Transformation • Operations Management • Product Management • Marketing Strategy • BI Author and Blogger • Project Management Web-Based & E-Commerce Software, Data & Analytic Platforms • Predictive Modeling Solutions • BI Consulting Services Customer Relationships & Engagements • Though Leader • QA • Outsourcing • Mergers, Acquisitions & Integrations

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